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I’ve worked with Jock Hedblade on numerous occasions and I always look forward to the opportunity. He’s a fantastic producer that I can trust, not just because he works so well with talent, but because he’s patient, thinks fast on his feet and is really creative. Jocko’s also very collaborative and he knows how to keep the talent and crew happy because he runs an efficient but relaxed set. The result is always a superior finished product. Most of all he’s just damn fun to work with!


Kym Whitley

Actress / Comedian

I have worked with Jock Hedblade for the past decade.  Upon taking over as Executive Producer of The Roe Conn Show in 2008, his vision and contacts catapulted us back to the most listened to afternoon radio show in Chicago.  He orchestrated one of the most daring and high profile talent acquisitions in recent memory when famed columnist and critic Richard Roeper joined the team.


Jock was also the Managing Producer of the Roe Report a daily radio feature that ran in 40 markets around the nation including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Jocko was instrumental in building and coordinating a complicated and dynamic overnight production process.


His skills in identifying, developing and training talented individuals to meet there greatest potential is unparalleled. 

Roe Conn

WGN Radio

In my 25+ years in this business, I can't think of a more talented and more versatile individual, and a more well-rounded media veteran, than my friend Jocko. We've worked together in TV, on the radio and on multi-media platforms, and it's been my privilege every step of the way.


Jocko has the contacts and the news-producing experience to take charge if the radio or TV show he's producing is confronted with breaking news. He has the comedy chops and the writing ability to put together pre-produced long-form bits for radio and TV. He has the big-picture vision to make a documentary. I can't think of anything he CAN'T do.

Richard Roeper


Nobody knows more about all aspects of TV and radio than Jock Hedblade. He's a young veteran who knows how to make a good talent great, how to produce the best segments-taped or live, how to create magic in the editing room, and the secrets to booking guests that work.

Best of all he's smart, reliable, great with people, fun and easy to work with.

Bob Sirott

Veteran TV and Radio Broadcaster NBC, WLS, WGN, PBS

Jock is a guy who gets things done.

As the producer of a radio show on which I appeared I was always impressed with how he thought ahead and never failed to make things better. If we launched into a subject he wasn't expecting we could expect, within minutes, a reference point or a contact or another way to move the discussion ahead.

He's smart and organized and works hard. An all too rare combination in my experience.

Ron Magers

ABC7 Chicago Television Anchor/Reporter

Jock Hedblade is a helluva producer.
I would look at his contribution to our "Making of Sox and the City." He did the big things, organizing it, and overseeing the editing, and he put the nice little flourishes in, like having a guy with a cane trip in the background. Then there was our "Celebrity Wanna-be Boxing, " a gargantuan effort for our shop, but he was able to judiciously employ whatever resources we had to help make one grand parody. Jock also guided me through our "Hallway Ambush" interviews with celebrities Jeramy Piven, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Carlin, Elizabeth Hurley, Jeff Daniels, Grace Slick and many, many others. Having Mayor Daley pose a la a photo op was Jock's idea. Of course, I'm getting too specific here. But the genius lies in the details. I would heartily recommend Jock Hedblade to head up any creative broadcasting effort.

Bruce Wolf

WLS and FOX Sports WFLD TV

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